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The Cost of Avoiding Expense

We see it every day. How does one spend money to make money, and how does one spend money to expand our profits? The type of business is interchangeable. Each industry has its financial pivots. Cash is king – but cash well spent, or reinvested, is the king of a king.Aside from the construction or renovation of a property, the second most important investment is establishing that property through the scope of marketing – more specifically that of visual presence. On the Internet, in print, or images passed through social media, the guest experience interpreted through the lens of a camera, and the right hotel photographer, can mean a world of difference to your bottom line.As construction or renovation ends, the largest checks are usually due. Contractors and sub-contractors look to collect, and the hotel has yet to deposit a simple coin of profit. The last thing you want to hear is there is more money to be spent.


Yet it’s this juncture, often overlooked, that is key to the survival of a new or renovated property. The sooner you can establish a visual for the potential guest, the better the chances are that the hotel can create an identity in the mind’s eye for each potential guest.

This is a crossroads that should not be taken lightly. The cliché “You only have one chance to make a first impression” stands tall here. It’s not enough that you have pictures and words to accompany the introduction (or re-introduction in the case of renovations) of these properties. It’s that you have the RIGHT pictures and words.

Now is not the time for hesitation, nor is it the time to search for the lowest bidder from a photographer. Find the right hotel photographer that can convey the image of your property. Be it in photos or in words, there’s a hotel to fill. This is truly a pinch-point. Well-orchestrated words and visuals will be an invaluable marketing tool. Ignoring this path will lead to a confused and muddled message for your potential audience.

Find a hotel photographer who shoots specifically for the hospitality industry. An experienced photographer who has the lighting skills, composition, and understanding how to produce beautiful images and will not disrupt the guest experience. Consider hiring the photographer near the topping-off stage. Often photographers are booked for weeks in advance, and it’s beneficial to create images as quickly as possible.

Quite frequently properties will hire a hotel photographer just after, during, or even shortly before the occupancy permits allow a hotel to open. This allows for the post-production process to take place, and fresh new images are available for the property for the grand opening.

Following these processes will allow a hotel to open, while consecutively having content to back up its ability to market. This cohesive strategy will minimize the gap from opening to marketing. Your Internet presence, social media content, and PR ability will all benefit from spending money to make money.

By Brett Patterson
Chief Photographer
Travel Industry Photos, Inc.